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Made in the USA

So, can we do it? Can we buy Made in the USA products? What do you Think Out Load? I find it totally embarrassing how Americans have been so complacent about letting our heritage of industrial and technological development shift overseas and disappear in our once thriving cities. Shame on us, shame on me. I bought foreign cars, TVs and stereoes. I bought clothing made in China and even Bangladesh – we all have. Shame on us! Shame on me!

Our wonderful salvation is our love of country and our amazing ingenuity. Even today, most great ideas are born in America.

Let’s get back to making TVs, tires, washers, stereos, cell phones and Ralph Lauren sweaters in America.

I am a photographer and I cannot find ink, paper or a camera Made in America – Shameful! I called Kodak headquartered in Rochester, NY and the person I asked about their paper and ink did not know if these items were Made in America. I was put on hold and she came back and said, “No, none of our ink or papers are Made in America, they are all made in China.” I asked to speak to the CEO of Kodak and I was told they are not given his phone number.

This is what has happened to us. Shame on us! Shame on Kodak and companies just like them!

But I truly believe we can turn this downward spiral into an upward swing…why not?

What do you think?

How about we think out loud!

Made in the USA

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