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At a Crossroad?

At a Crossroad?

Yes, I’m older than you, well maybe. I watched The Ed Sullivan Show, Rawhide, comedian Rich Little, Bonanza, The Monkees, I Dream of Jeannie and there were never any bleeps.

My wife will occasionally (she’s much too smart to be a regular) watch The Bachelor. This is a reality show designed to bring two people together who will love each other for eternity. Therefore, one might think the participants would work hard to impress the other – certainly the “prize” bachelor. I’m in my recliner on my computer catching up on emails and such. I start to hear a series of bleeps and fragmented sentences. I glance over and see several post-pubescent women apparently swearing and clearly dropping the “F-bomb” often. It must be the number one favorite swear word to use to:

A.) Impress people with your vocabulary

B.) Demonstrate that you have a strong opinion on a matter of importance

C.) Show people what anger management is NOT

D.) Make your parents proud of you on national television

E.) Imitate (pick any) a brainless Kardashian

F) Impress your future husband and his family

Aren’t you tired of all the swearing beeps on TV and the blatant swearing in music – mostly rap and ‘gangsta’ musical expressions? The Wolf of Wall Street was ruined by the overwhelming number of swear words and disgusting references to lewd acts. My father – not a prude-  always told me, “people who swear often usually do so because they are deficient in vocabulary skills.” To this day, he’s still right. Enough.

I swear, but not where anyone can hear me. I swear in my car when a woman in a Cadillac Escalade is on her cell phone and just cut me off. I do not “flip the finger” at her as I drive on. I swear at myself when I misplace my keys and I’m already running late. I swear when I stub my toe in the dark and it’s hard to understand because my teeth are clinched tight and saliva went flying a short distance. OK?

But I am so very, very tired of all the swearing all around me. I was in a City of Buffalo High School – SouthPark High School in South Buffalo a few weeks ago for a meeting. The bell rang as I was in the middle of the hallway and a flood of students came out. The first thing I heard was from a young girl who just had her rear end grabbed by a guy…”get the “F” off me, “B” she said rather loudly. I asked her if she was OK and the two male students said, “what you gonna do about it punk ass?” I did not respond and continued. Along my way, of only about 100 feet, I heard lots more pretty harsh language. It was also heard by two school personnel waiting at an elevator. It was painfully apparent, they were numb to it all as they couldn’t have missed it.

There were no bleeps at the school. It was common practice. It was accepted. No effort was made to curb the abuse of the young lady or the bullhorn sounds of raw swearing. No bleeps. I would have liked a few.

Is it surprising that swearing on TV, in music and schools is commonplace and accepted? Even TV sponsors seem to go along with it when they could stop it in a heartbeat. Freedom of speech? Really? Is that your position?

Let me hear you think out loud.






Comments on: "I’M TIRED OF THE F%#@*^) BLEEP ON TV" (2)

  1. Agree. As for TV, there’s an option called “editing” the producers obviously choose not to use in hopes of getting larger audiences who like bleeps. My biggest disappointment though is a subset of the music industry. Sadly, kids today think many of the “songs” they hear are actual music and quality. In actuality, it’s neither, and even sadder – those “artists” are led to believe they are rare and important talents. Sigh. A strange world we live in sometimes.

  2. John is right. In a “zero tolerance” school system, students are suspended for swearing at teachers yet their parents come to school to defend their child and begin the swearing soliloquy themselves. In schools, songs, and TV shows it is beyond annoying, disrespectful and ignorant. Speak up!

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