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Please Vanish…Never To Be Seen Or Heard From Again-My Picks for 2014

As I just got another year older, I find I have far less time for people and things that make no real contribution to the quality of my life and maybe your life, too. Many of these people and things keep reappearing despite all common sense and an honest value of how short a 24-hour day is becoming.

So, here I go again, in no particular order, with people and things I hope will vanish and never be heard from again:

  1. Any member of the Kardashian family, including a guy I liked when he was an Olympian instead of the after picture for bad plastic surgery, Bruce Jenner. Please take Kanye West with you, too. I don’t care if you include North, South, East or West, too. Take them all.
  2. Another corner Coffee Shop of any kind. I love my coffee, but I feel I’m getting environmentally polluted by coffee shops. I’m getting flat out squeezed out by coffee, Mr. Valdez.
  3. The word “like” – not only on the Internet, but every third word of far too many people who open their mouth and like talk to me like I’m like interested in like what they did like last night, know what I’m saying. For real. Like I’m just saying.
  4. Biggest Loser. When did becoming a “Loser” become a good thing to be? I fully understand the obesity epidemic in our country and the need for healthy change, but being a “loser”, despite the play on the word, probably does nothing for the self esteem of the winner of the crown Biggest Loser.
  5. Rocky fights the Raging Bull? Obamacare is not going to pay for any of their injuries. Read the 6-point font in the law.
  6. Are only golfers impotent? Please! Enough! Try playing a Cialis commercial with two people in separate tubs in the middle of nowhere with no bathrobes or transportation anywhere to be seen during ¬†one of those cage, fight to the near death boxing matches. Yeah, that’ll go over well, but please stay away from golf. There’s a stick, a ball and a cup – really, it all works out and people even clap.
  7. Bring back real people to TV. Cable TV has created every unnatural human type of misfit and made them millionaires while the USA is ranked 26th in the world in math. Give these people their own planet and a TV network where they can watch each other.
  8. Late night talk shows…or…any talk shows. Trust me, no one or no thing is that interesting. I would be willing to watch Johnny Carson re-runs.
  9. All WalMarts
  10. Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Kanye Kardashian, and Lindsay Lohan. Listen to me. This can work. You don’t hear from Paris Hilton anymore, do you?
  11. All Vegans. Sorry, you must find a plot of land where nothing lives except water and dust. Then, knock yourselves out and have a party!!
  12. Finally, sports broadcasters who feel they must comment after every play or research back to the athletes’ experience in the birth canal. “Is that when you knew you had a talent to get to the finish line?” Enough! Don’t you guys ever have to use the restroom?

So, there you have iit. Could there be more? Sure. I’d like you to comment on what you wish would vanish and never be seen or heard from again.

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