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Tired of Bleep, Bleep & Bleep

Swearing openly on television is very popular. On most reality shows the “guest stars” cannot get threw a full unintelligible sentence without bleep, bleep and bleep. Is there anyone who doesn’t know what swear word is being used?

Clearly the most popular is the ever-increasing “f bomb” followed by the f bomb with the endearing prefix, mother. What’s truly impressive is you can be a Housewife of some popular community, you can be a 16 and Pregnant star, you can be a husband and wife who swap households, you can be an aspiring chef hoping to land your own cooking show or even a bachelor or bachelorette on the prowl with no serious intentions of love.

What a great level of television content! MTV seems interested in being the champion of increasing swearing at every double digit IQ level. Remember the days you could actually watch a music video on MTV. What does MTV mean today, anyway? Music Television or Most Toilet Verbage…yeah, I couldn’t think of swear words beginning with M-T-V.

By now you must imagine I’m not impressed. I’m also totally befuddled trying to figure out how this plays out in TV programming planning committees. Maybe in goes like this, “let’s find some deeply uneducated people who are very shallow and do not read the newspaper…then let’s make sure they fight while they pretend they are each other’s caring therapist…load them up with lots of swear word options…put them up in houses they could never afford (until we pay them ridiculous amounts of money for being fake, stupid, selfish and disgusting filthy in their dumb speech) and work extra hard to position them as typical Americans.” I’m not kidding about how moronic those in programming must be.

So, now let’s explore the redeeming value on the content. Complaining wives who denigrate their husbands (one committed suicide), “expert” chef who scream and yell at young people learning a trade or family restaurant owners facing bankruptcy, truly moronic high school dropouts from New Jersey, pregnant teens who find a way to “make it in America” and the marriage-seeking 20-somethings who seem opportunistically lustful without any discussions about the sanctity of marriage.

Yes, I can change the dial and I do; however, I am a sociologist (undergraduate degree + one in psychology) and I have an interest in how our values are shaped by television and how our impressionable adolescents view what appears to be commonplace.

Marriage and commitment is mocked. Teen pregnancy is cool and manageable as long as your parents still own a house. Women of means overdress and drink wine morning, noon and every night. Courtship is about how quickly you can get sex and move on. Swearing is anger management.

Shame on all the TV stations that push this garbage. Shame on the sponsors who endorse this trash. Shame on them for portraying the worst America has to offer.

Are you as disgusted as I am? If so, How About We Think Out Loud?

Oh yeah……………………………………………………..Does her mind matter?

(A recent report indicated 13 people from reality television have committed suicide)Image

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