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How About We Think Out Loud?

Thinking Out Loud....

If you’re like me (even just a little bit), you think about things that bother you, confuse you, really make you wonder and totally annoy you. Further, there are days when I think of a solution to something or I have a creative moment and I want to share it with someone. There are days I’d like to get feedback and days I cannot believe what goes on in our world.

I created How About We Think Out Loud to stimulate discussion, exchange of ideas and free flowing posts about things you enjoy and things that test your sanity.

As a rule, I love life. I try to embrace new things. I have a very soft spot for people in need of a helping hand. I love to learn new things. I know I need to capture more of what life has to offer.

I also think it is very important to challenge and question. As I get older, I feel a much greater obligation to say, “wait a minute, that’s not OK.” I’m less concerned about what others think of me for standing up for something, unless I truly value their opinion.

I hope you will join me as we blog and post our way through things we think about by thinking about them OUT LOUD.

So, what have you been thinking about?

I’m listening,



Sick of It

High school graduates who cannot write a basic college report…you would demand every school tax dollar back if you saw how horrible college freshman write. I wonder how they got promoted from grade to grade. In my heart, I feel as if I should not blame the students; however, their parents and teachers ought to be ashamed. Period!

How About We Think Out Loud?

Where does your mind take you? Maybe somedays you focus on something great…other days on something that really gets under your skin and burns. There are days when I think, “why can’t we….” – fill in the blank.

My frustration is I’d like to think out loud, but I might scare some, befuddle others or have a 911 call placed on my behalf.

I thought it might be fun to share a blogging opportunity for interested parties to THINK OUT LOUD about anything. I thoroughly enjoy reading-hearing-listening to others thoughts and ideas on things of common experience and/or something I never ever thought about myself.

My 80 year old mother often says, “I don’t care what others think, I’m going say what I want to say.” I love that about her. She is not mean to others or looking to pick a fight, but if something catches her attention and stirs a comment, we are going to hear about it. What I have found, more often than not, is I agree with her but I didn’t THINK OUT LOUD.

I’m going to use this blog to THINK OUT LOUD and I hope you will, too.

I’m listening,


P.S. Mom, go for it!

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